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Pataki Versus the Resume

Can a Republican still win in New York?

Sep 30, 2002, Vol. 8, No. 03 • By JAMES HIGGINS
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Pataki's lead in the polls has slimmed from an unsustainable 30 points to the mid-teens, with Pataki in the high 40s, McCall in the mid 30s, and Golisano struggling to break into double digits. Pataki had a large edge over McCall in cash on hand, with $20 million on primary day to $2.5 million for McCall. That advantage will narrow now that the Clintons have given McCall their blessing. The wild card is Golisano, with his anti-Pataki fulminations. Even Old Sneep in the end decided the spoiler's role was no fun and gave up being a lone grouch. Will Golisano do the same?

James Higgins is a partner in a private equity firm in New York.