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11:00 PM, Oct 27, 1996 • By ANGELA STENT
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There is one issue on which Gorbachev is unyielding, as are many in the Russian establishment who do not support him. "According to the Two Plus Four Agreements under which Germany was unified," he argues, "the United States, Germany, Britain, and France promised us that they would not expand NATO east of Germany." This is not how the Western negotiators interpret the agreements, and they stress that Gorbachev understood the provisions at the time. Nevertheless, opinions across the Russian political spectrum concur that NATO enlargement violates the treaties that ended the division of Germany.

This year's unsuccessful election campaign has drained the Gorbachev Foundation's finances. The former Soviet president and his advisers are hopeful that his book tour will revive the foundation's fortunes. "I am optimistic that new projects with Western partners can be found," he insists. The man who helped to end the Cold War hopes to find the respect and moral and material support here that have so far eluded him in post-Communist Russia.

Angela Stent is a professor of government at Georgetown University,.