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11:00 PM, Dec 1, 1996 • By ANDREW FERGUSON
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But no one was a more selfless campaigner than Quayle. "He worked his tail off -- especially in the South," says one southern GOP operative. "He's got chits everywhere." And he was just as tireless on Wednesday, November 6, phoning every House freshman with congratulations or condolences. Through his political action committee, Campaign America, Quayle donated money to candidates, as did Alexander through his PAC, the Republican Fund for the '90s. Soon there will be many Republican funds for the '90s. Kemp has told colleagues that he'll start up a PAC; so too Forbes, so too Gramm. If they don't move quick, all the good names will be taken.

But what, you probably weren't going to ask, about Pat Buchanan? Characteristically, Buchanan is going his own way. Former aides assume he'll try again in 2000 -- he too campaigned widely and selflessly this fall -- but since November 5 he's been holed up in the basement of his Virginia home, writing a book about the history of American foreign and trade policy. It's a bizarre image: a potential presidential candidate, hunched in front of a word processor, surrounded by scholarly books, writing a manifesto to clarify his thinking on the great issues of American history. What a loser.

by Andrew Ferguson