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Sep 29, 1997, Vol. 3, No. 03 • By CHARLES KRAUTHAMMER
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The revolutionary Five point out that this appears to be the only rule governing dormitory life at Yale. Once in the dorm, says Elisha Dov Hack, " anything goes." Students sharing rooms, showers, beds. Corridors with kids in various states of undress. The "freshperson" issue of the Yale Daily News introducing newcomers to the rituals of dormitory life, acquaints them with the term "sexile": a person exiled from his room while his roommate is having it off. In short, a nirvana -- a Gomorrah (take your pick) -- of sexual deregulation.

But no, protest the fogies. The residency rule is not just a rule; it is a rule with a reason. The new students are required to live together to ensure that they are immersed in the "community of scholars" that is the university. Somehow (and looking back) I find it hard to imagine the shower as a place where a lot of Kierkegaard is transacted.

Contributing editor Charles Krauthammer is a syndicated columnist.