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Aug 3, 1998, Vol. 3, No. 45 • By HENRY PAYNE
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Carol Browner has indicated a willingness to talk about the details of the administration's rule, but she clings to a policy that the states find unworkable. The California Environmental Protection Agency, in a letter demanding that the policy be withdrawn, argues that the federal agency cannot "lawfully issue a policy" without an act of Congress. Otherwise, Browner & Co. would have "unfettered discretion" to work all sorts of mischief.

And then there is the matter of fairness and common sense. Chris Foreman, a scholar at the Brookings Institution, has just completed a book on the "environmental justice" issue, and he scolds the administration for mixing its green ambitions with racial politics: "The administration ought to be talking about the real health problem in poor communities: poverty."

Henry Payne is a political cartoonist and writer for the Scripps Howard News Service.