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A Plan of Attack

11:00 PM, Feb 21, 1999 • By DENNIS PRAGER
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Professional educators and teachers' unions have ruined much of America's public schooling. They have robbed young children of innocence through ideas such as sex education and sexual-harassment warnings to fourth graders. They have stymied Hispanic success through bilingual education and divided America through their multicultural agenda.

Second, work for deep tax cuts. Americans are paying the highest rates of income tax in their history. This has terrible moral and economic consequences. It makes people more reliant on the state than on one another; it discourages saving; it creates cheats out of otherwise honest men and women; it leads people to believe that it is right to take away money from other people; and it forces innumerable mothers to leave their young children to earn a salary.

If our message is unheeded, let the country elect liberals and live with the consequences. Then they will come back to us. And we will know what to do. We should never seek power for power's sake.

Dennis Prager's radio show on KABC, in Los Angeles, is about to be nationally syndicated. His latest book is Happiness Is a Serious Problem (HarperCollins).