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Feb 15, 1999, Vol. 4, No. 21 • By TUCKER CARLSON
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After about 20 minutes, however, the candidate began to grow irritable. By the time the conversation turned to impeachment, Isakson was outright grouchy. Asked if the president should be convicted, Isakson refused to answer. "That's the Senate's decision," he replied, "and I know they're dealing with it." Sure, but everybody has an opinion. What's yours? "I'm not running for the Senate," he said. Yes, but aren't you planning to challenge Sen. Cleland in 2002? Isakson ignored the question completely. "Let me give you directions to the airport," he said.

In the Republican party of the next millennium, Johnny Isakson is the kind of politician who could go places. With the help of the nicotine patch, he might even become a senator.

Tucker Carlson is a staff writer at THE WEEKLY STANDARD.