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Mar 22, 1999, Vol. 4, No. 26 • By TUCKER CARLSON
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Kangas was particularly humorless on the subject of rich people. The wealthy, he wrote, "are causing an inequality that kills hundreds of thousands of people each year." Chief among these killers, Kangas wrote, was Pittsburgh newspaper publisher Richard Scaife. Kangas accused Scaife of everything from secretly running the CIA to destroying American democracy. The charges were outlandish -- though no more so than those Geraldo Rivera regularly throws around on cable television -- but they found an instant audience. "Thank you, thank you, thank you! This site is absolutely WONDERFUL!" wrote an on-line fan named Robin P. McAlexander. "I am a high school history and government teacher, and this site will be a terrific resource for me."

At some point, Kangas began to believe the things he was writing about Scaife. "The next thing you know," says Denise Waddell, "he's in Pittsburgh."

Waddell knew Kangas fairly well over a period of a couple of years -- her husband worked with him at the horse-racing business -- but she was surprised to learn he had set out to shoot somebody. On the other hand, Waddell says, Kangas was hard to figure out. "He was always touting the little guy, the underdog," she says. "But what is pornography if not exploiting the littlest guy, the real underdog? His politics didn't seem to mesh with what he did at all." Or maybe they did.

Tucker Carlson is a staff writer at THE WEEKLY STANDARD.