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Dollar Bill Shoots an Air Ball

With men's college sports at risk, Bradley scorns the ladder by which he ascended

Nov 15, 1999, Vol. 5, No. 09 • By JESSICA GAVORA
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A group called Iowans Against Quotas is approaching the presidential candidates with a petition pledging them to abolish quotas under Title IX if elected president. So far, only Steve Forbes has signed. Front-runner George W. Bush is only halfway on board, saying he supports Title IX but that he doesn't believe that men's sports programs should be dropped in the name of Title IX.

Meanwhile, the casualties mount. Baseball players at Providence College, gymnasts at the University of New Mexico, soccer players at Miami of Ohio, swimmers at Northern Arizona, tennis players at the University of Cincinnati, trackmen at New Mexico State, wrestlers at Brigham Young, and hundreds of other male athletes at schools across the country won't suit up this season because their programs have been cut.

And the question remains: How much will be enough? Bill Bradley, who, after all, completed his collegiate sports career in 1965 -- seven years before Title IX was enacted into law -- isn't saying.

Jessica Gavora is currently writing a book on Title IX.