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Forgotten Friends

Why are there no Arab names at Yad Vashem?

Jan 1, 2007, Vol. 12, No. 16 • By ROGER KAPLAN
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Robert Satloff, always the American in his optimism, notes in conclusion that, lately, Arab voices have been heard calling for a reexamination of the Holocaust as a seminal event not only in European history but in world--and thus certainly Arab--history. As one of them has written: "The genocide's principal significance today is that it stands out as the archetype of the crime against humanity. It is the crucial relationship between the Holocaust and modernity that Arab opinion fails to understand."

Satloff would have liked to track down the author of this remarkable essay when he read those sentences, but while acknowledging that he teaches in a North African university, the writer prefers to remain anonymous.

Roger Kaplan is author of Conservative Socialism: The Decline of Radicalism and the Triumph of the Left in France.