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The comic novel as moviemaking device.

Jun 18, 2007, Vol. 12, No. 38 • By DAVID SKINNER
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There's nothing novel in Doyle's chosen milieu of babes and geeks and muscleheads and the cruel caste system of the American high school or the device of this social hierarchy being temporarily upended by the events of one unforgettable night. Nor are many of Doyle's jokes likely to be around for the ages. In fact, the book's humor so often depends on the reader recognizing brand names and evanescent movie lines that many of its jokes may be dated before I Love You, Beth Cooper: The Movie can even go into production. But the whole thing charges forward with such zip that you forgive it its sins and enjoy the ride, sometimes laughing really hard.

David Skinner is an assistant managing editor at THE WEEKLY STANDARD.