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Would independence have been won without Nathanael Greene?

Aug 17, 2009, Vol. 14, No. 45 • By EDWARD ACHORN
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Military buffs will enjoy Tucker's detailed description of battles and the tactics Greene employed to survive them. The writing is not flawless--there are prosaic, hackneyed patches ("London now adopted a hard line," the king's policies "created a firestorm in America")--and the maps are, in many cases, all but useless, with tiny, fuzzy, unreadable type, reflecting an apparent failure to secure images of sufficient resolution and run them big enough to be helpful.

But Rise and Fight Again is an admirably brisk and informative biography of a great and wonderfully American figure.

Edward Achorn, deputy editor of the editorial pages at the Providence Journal, is the author of a forthcoming biography of the baseball pitcher Old Hoss Radbourn (Smithsonian Books).