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Wahhabis in America

A Saudi export we could do without.

Nov 5, 2001, Vol. 7, No. 08 • By STEPHEN SCHWARTZ
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For Wahhabis everywhere, the party line is laid down in Riyadh, which simultaneously foments terrorist teaching and disclaims any responsibility for Wahhabi atrocities, exemplified by those of bin Laden. Saudis corrupt Muslims abroad in exactly the way that the Soviet Union once bought the loyalty of foreign intellectuals, labor leaders, and guerrilla fighters, and for the same ends. This worldwide subversion can be combated only as fascist and Communist sedition were once fought: with courage and determination, and in full solidarity with the Muslim heroes in the forefront of resistance to it.

Stephen Schwartz is writing a book to be titled The Two Faces of Islam.

November 5, 2001 - Volume 7, Number 8