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E-mails from a Traitor

The young John Walker left an enormous cache of nutty e-mails. Read them here.

2:30 PM, Dec 9, 2001 • By RICHARD STARR
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When I read those rhymes of yours I got the idea you were some 13 year old white kid playing
smart. That "Every Black Man Should Read This Rhyme" read like a child's poetic attempt and
deepness, and was further hindered by lines like "Why do these collad greens taste so good?".
It was clearly implied that the answer to each of your questions was "because you're black",
but how does African heritage and a good hearty dose of melanin make greens taste good? That
whole rhyme was saying essentially that all black people should just stop being black and
that'd solve all our problems. Our blackness does not make white people hate us, it is THEIR
racism that causes the hate. That collad green line alone leads me to believe you're one of
those white kids who thinks that if he eats enough collad greens, watermellon, and fried
chicken, and sags his pants low enough, he'll attain the right to call himself "nigga". If I
wanted to hear the repitition and glorification of racial stereotypes, I'd buy a Too $hort
record. Rhymes like yours are leading to the pollution and oversaturation of wack rhymes on
this newsgroup. Before you post these preteen level meaningless duck rhymes of yours, I suggest
you consider the fact that hundreds of people from across the world are going to have to suffer
through them as I did.

O () O J O H N D O E

From: Disciple Of The Englober
Subject: Re: DANGEROUS MINDS . . . c'mon is this for real?
Date: 1995/08/15
organization: Disciple Of The Englober
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Last night on Tom Snyder he had the woman on whom this story was based on the show. I only
caught the last few minutes of the interview, but I do remember that she had some subtly
racist things to say. Apparently, she had joined the US military earlier in her life, so this
is not much of a suprise. The first time I saw ads for this movie I thought it to one of those
typical "Aryan Super-Woman saves poor mislead African's and Latino's" movies, and having found
out that it was written and directed by white people, and clearly for white people, my opinion
has not since changed. Another thing to think about is that there are uncountable black and
hispanic teachers in inner-city communities who 'reach the kids' and do an outstanding job, but
being the hollywood they are and always have been, they have to choose the story of a white
woman to make a movie about. I need to take over the world now, so peace love and englobiness..

From: Disciple Of The Englober
Subject: Re: Rhyme: The Mind
Date: 1995/09/26
organization: Disciple Of The Englober
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>Check My fast Lyrics
>Off the head
>Sun_Spark Speaking: Ignorant People just dont understand
> the Mind, and how It works, thats why
> Im here, to show and teach, How the
> Mind Operates. (echo)
>The mind is Mysterious, Plus It causes damage
>It makes you delirious, But you still manage
>To go continue with your normal Straight forward Life,
>The mind creates enormous power in you,
>ahhhhh doesnt that feel nice
>Precise to the point, If you control it correctly
>Take care of It, and it will give you creativity
>Negativity, Only if you promote it
>Indubidibly, Read, and put your Imagination in orbit
>Start It, ahhhh Now please finish it
>the mind is sharp, Yes, dont you feel more Intelligent
>Education, Yes your mind's fuel
>"fill her up" like the "Habib" in the gas pump, with the lit L
> Aka

If I shoved a copy of critical beatdown by the ultramagnetic MC's up your ass, you still
couldn't drop any phat shit. Take those generic lyrics back to your Wu-Tang Clan fan club
meatings, SZA, and keep them out of the eyes of the public. Thank you sir.

From: Disciple Of The Englober
Subject: T H E D I S C I P L E I S S E L L I N G Q U A L I T Y C D ' S C H E A P ! !
Date: 1995/12/03
organization: Disciple Of The Englober
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