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E-Mails from a Traitor, Part 2

2:30 PM, Dec 9, 2001 • By RICHARD STARR
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From: ""
Date: 1997/03/13
Organization: Hooked Online Services

I'm looking for a talkbox, new or used. Please contact the address
below. Thank you.

John Lindh

From: "Hine E. Craque"
Subject: WTB: APACHE - Incredible Bongo Band, Shadows, etc.
Date: 1997/04/09
Organization: Hooked Online Services

I'm looking for any versions of the song "Apache" that I can get my
hands on. I know there are at least three in existance, and I think a
rock group called The Shadows did the original. I'm especially
interested in the Incredible Bongo Band version, but I'm willing to buy
any and all versions of this song I can find.

Hine E. Craque

From: "Hine E. Craque"
Subject: WTB: MIDI/CV converter
Date: 1997/04/13
Organization: Hooked Online Services

I'm willing to buy any functional MIDI to CV converter I can find. I'll
pay money of the legal tender variety. Federal reserve notes infact.
Please contact the address below. Thank you.

From: "Hine E. Craque"
Subject: Question: Drawings of Living Things
Date: 1997/05/08
Organization: Hooked Online Services
Newsgroups: alt.religion.islam

As Salaam O Alaikum,

I've heard some different opinions on this subject, so I'd like to see
what internet Muslims think of it. My question is this: are drawings of
living things (besides plants) forbidden altogether? Is it alright to
have clothing with pictures resembling living things? What about books,
records, magazines, etc.? Is it alright to watch cartoons on TV or in

I know for certain that drawings of living things are haram under
certain circumstances, but different people seem to have different ideas
as to how this rule applies. I'd like to hear what some other people
have to say regarding this issue, preferably with references to
authentic hadith.

Br. Mujahid

From: ""
Subject: Re: Kool Keith sample question
Date: 1997/05/20

Joshua Saul wrote:
> T. Tauri wrote:
> >
> > Tero Karvinen wrote:
> > >
> > > On the Dr. Octagon album, theres this little intro where Keith
> > > introduces himself as the Doctor and goes on about how he can relocate
> > > your saliva glands and rebuild your rectum etc. and theres this
> > > classical string loop behind him. Now I know I've heard it before, and
> > > I know who the composer is and know what piece it is but can't
> > > remember it if my life depended on it.
> >
> > Pachelbel's Canon in D.
> What's that guy saying in the background?
> Sounded like "I gots to save yah."

Actually, I'm pretty sure that sample was from Vivaldi's "Four
Seasons." Pieces of Four Seasons have been used in several TV and radio
ads over the past few years, and I think that's why they chose to use it
on that skit (which was supposed to be an ad for Dr. Octagon).
The vocal bit was saying "I Got To Tell You," which is incidentally the
name of the skit.


From: ""
Subject: Re: IS NAS MUSLIM?
Date: 1997/05/20