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An independent report has found Orange Coast College professor Ken Hearlson innocent. So why are the Muslim students who lied to get him in trouble still in school?

11:01 PM, Dec 13, 2001 • By JONATHAN V. LAST
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What punishment awaits them? When asked, OCC spokesman Carnett says, "It was confidential and it is illegal for me to talk about disciplinary matters." It sounds dark, but Renley, the vice chancellor of human resources, says, "As far as I know, they're not going to do anything to them." When asked if there would be any non-administrative sanctions, Renley says, "Are they going to go through a student conduct hearing? I don't know, but my guess is no."

Back in November, after the transcripts of the class surfaced and it became a matter of public record that the Muslim students were lying, one of Hearlson's accusers, Mooath Saidi, was confronted by a reporter from the New York Times. "If some of the allegations I made were not maybe right, if my memory was shady, this is not the first time anybody brought anything against this teacher. . . . [Hearlson] has a history, and he obviously hasn't learned and he needs to be taught a lesson."

One of the written complaints by the students against Hearlson for his "absurd, careless, prejudice, stereotypical, and very racist acts" dramatically concluded: "I feel due to his false, and incriminating accusations against us that . . . safety on this campus is no longer as assuring as it once was."

Professor Hearlson should use that line himself.

Jonathan V. Last is online editor of The Weekly Standard.