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A Season of Cynicism

From campaign finance reform to the resurrection of Oslo, strange things are happening in the White House.

11:00 PM, Mar 31, 2002 • By DAVID BROOKS
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When you talk with diplomats from Egypt, Jordan, and Saudi Arabia, you realize that like the political class in Israel, they are addicted to the game of the peace process. It is a fascinating and complex game, like chess in real life. But unlike the Israelis, they are under the illusion that Camp David almost succeeded and that it is possible to go back to the Oslo process. Most Israelis now know deep in their bones that they were suckered during Oslo--they were tricked into supplying the guns that would be used to kill them. This is not about land for peace. It is a war against modernity and the democratic capitalism of the West. Israel and the Jews are just the forward projection of this global force.

David Brooks is a senior editor at The Weekly Standard.