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The Modern Pillory

12:00 AM, Jun 8, 2002
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The prime minister has recently declared that he opposes public Internet pillorying in principle but does not know how it can be stopped, because the Internet is and should be freely accessible. Moreover, according to the prime minister, he does not have the budgetary power to fund a counseling program. In the prime minister's benign world, good sense will prevail, and the people will find their own solutions, aided by the public "reporting" system. Terrible but true!

The legal philosopher and pedophile Mr. Brongersma, veteran senator in the Dutch Labor Party, has campaigned his whole life for understanding for his pedophilic countrymen. He began this campaign in fearless fashion after he himself served a prison term for taking unwelcome intimate liberties with a minor. Despite a finding that the liberties had not been entirely unwelcome by the minor in question, which from a logical and formal standpoint would have been exculpatory, the justice system marched ahead. This was in the 1950s.

In the 1960s and 1970s, Brongersma gradually rehabilitated himself. This period saw the invention of the birth control pill, sexual liberation, and acceptance of homosexuals. Why not allow pedophilic sex, under the strict proviso that the child must accept it voluntarily and willfully, with no coercion? This enlightened credo has since been abandoned, in favor of that of the hoi polloi, to the effect that a child is not a whole being but is devoid of sexual appetites, until he becomes an adult.

We are far from the concept that Brongersma attempted to promote. Instead, we assert that everything is controllable and manageable. How and why do we achieve this control? Merely by imagining it!

Oct 30, 1999 Elsevier/Pim Fortuyn