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Who Is Syed Athar Abbas?

And what was he doing with a $100,000 "fine particulate mixer" last summer?

10:00 AM, Jul 17, 2002 • By DAVID TELL
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Again, mind you, I know of no hard evidence to suggest that Syed Athar Abbas is "the" anthrax terrorist--or any kind of anthrax terrorist, for that matter. My only point is this: Nicholas Kristof and the rest of them have no hard evidence that poor Steven "Mr. Z" Hatfill is "the" anthrax terrorist, either, and yet they're all but calling him guilty anyway. Why? Mostly because he fits their preexisting suspect profile, that's why: Hatfill is a native-born American citizen with a scientific background in toxic organisms. Were Hatfill instead a Pakistani immigrant who'd recently completed a suspicious purchase of the expensive machinery necessary to weaponize toxic organisms, well . . . how much you want to bet he'd have gone completely ignored? The way Mr. Abbas has been ignored?

David Tell is opinion editor of The Weekly Standard.