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Feeling a Bit Woolsey

Representative Lynn Woolsey thinks that the United States should learn about women's rights from Saudi Arabia.

12:00 AM, Sep 25, 2002 • By STEPHEN F. HAYES
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Afghan women are free today because the United States military liberated them. Iraqi women will soon be free for the same reason. Two short military conflicts with stated goals that have nothing to do with the plight of women will do more to advance women's rights worldwide than CEDAW has done or ever will do.

Lynn Woolsey, U.S. Representative, will vote against the coming war in Iraq. "Only if President Bush proves that the Iraqi government facilitated the September 11 attacks will I even consider retracting my opposition to war," she argues.

I'm glad she'll have that opportunity. I wonder how women in the Saudi government will vote? Or in the Iraqi government?

Stephen F. Hayes is staff writer for The Weekly Standard.