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The Democrats' Tantrum

Oct 7, 2002, Vol. 8, No. 04 • By DAVID TELL, FOR THE EDITORS
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But enough. This is not a grown-up argument, either pro or contra. It is incoherence, a tantrum. And it is an embarrassment that no other leading Democrat has yet managed to do much better. The president of the United States says readiness is necessary because war may soon prove inescapable. "We have our doubts but we're not sure" is not an adequate answer--not from a political party that controls the upper house of Congress and so pretends to shared responsibility in the conduct of our national affairs. Yes, Virginia, war is a legitimate subject for full-scale "politicization." A Democratic party that ducks its obligation to join in such a politics is a party that deserves to suffer for it at the polls.

--David Tell, for the Editors