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A user's guide to the re-vamped site, an explanation of registration, and a year-one progress report--all to mark our first anniversary.

12:00 AM, Oct 1, 2002 • By JONATHAN V. LAST
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HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO US. It's been exactly a year since we re-launched, and to celebrate the occasion we've made some improvements. (No, we have not added a blog.)

First, the functionality is better. If you're a subscriber you can sign in on the homepage itself, and you'll see that you don't have to hunt around for how to change your password or have a lost password sent to you. And there's now a button on the homepage under this week's cover to download the PDF of the current issue. Also, subscribers and non-subscribers alike will find it easier to search both THE DAILY STANDARD and THE WEEKLY STANDARD.

Subscribers will find that our Virtual Library is now complete. It reaches all the way back to the beginnings of THE WEEKLY STANDARD in 1995.

Next Monday, we'll begin a new feature that relies on reader feedback: Top 10 Letters. E-mails pour in every week by the hundreds. We can't publish them all, but we do want to post some of them. So every Monday we'll run the ten best letters from the previous week. By "best" I mostly mean "complimentary to the online editor," but you'll also better your chances of making the list if your e-mail is: (a) witty, (b) thoughtful, and/or (c) informative. I might as well say this up front: I will not post any more mail from disgruntled Star Wars fans.

Please note: To send us mail now, you'll need to register as a user. It's free, and we aren't going to sell your e-mail address to that guy in Nigeria. We do, however, want to run a respectable correspondence page, and registration allows us to verify the identities of letter writers. I don't want to run a letter from someone claiming to be Noam Chomsky, only to find that it's James Taranto yanking my chain. So if you want to write in, go ahead and register. You only have to do it once and I promise, it's painless.

That's pretty much it for the housekeeping. I do want to thank you for supporting this past year. From a standing start, we're now serving up 10 million page views a month and many, many readers have made the wise decision to subscribe to THE WEEKLY STANDARD. Should you want to be wise, too, click here.

It's a great beginning and we couldn't have done it without you. Stick with us, we're just getting started.



P.S. I couldn't figure out a way to artfully insert this little tidbit in the braggadocio portion above, but we're also pleased that more than 6,000 people have signed up for the free Weekly Newsletter. If you haven't, think about doing so now: Every Friday you'll get news and views from THE WEEKLY STANDARD staff that you can't get anywhere else--as well as an advanced look at next week's magazine. And, like I said, it's free.