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Property of the Democratic Party

The New Jersey Supreme Court's decision gives control over a slot on the ballot to the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee.

5:25 PM, Oct 3, 2002 • By ROBERT N. HOCHMAN
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The decision is hideous, and is also remarkable for its failure even to mention, in passing, that the whole reason the Democrats want to change the ballot is because they think they'll otherwise lose. If taken seriously elsewhere, the decision threatens to poison our electoral politics with last-minute manipulations, at least when the national stakes seem high enough. It is up to the voters of New Jersey to protect us from this fate. If those voters (at least those not rabidly committed to the Democratic party) reject Frank Lautenberg, Tom Daschle's chosen candidate, politicians may decide that playing games with the electoral process doesn't score points with the voters.

Robert N. Hochman, a former Supreme Court clerk, practices law in Chicago.