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The 2002 election, Hawaii, New Jersey, Democrats, porn, and more.

11:00 PM, Nov 10, 2002
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To me, a 25 year USAF veteran and recent retiree, the most significant aspect of the offensive use of the Predator detailed in Christian Lowe's article (A New Breed of Predator) is that it was initiated not by any of the U.S. armed services, but by the CIA. The greatest problem the USAF and the other services face in fighting not only the war on terrorism but any other war of the future, is the utter and complete lack of innovation or any semblance of strategic or even tactical thought. The Air Force and the other services responded to downsizing in the 1990s with a circle-the-wagons approach that replaced logical analysis with monomaniacal pursuit of mythologies designed solely to protect individual career objectives. So, after the DOD formally evaluated the Predator as having failed its test program--even for its original role as a mere recon platform--it took the CIA to lead the country into a new era of technological superiority.

--Robert Eleazer


Larry Miller ( " target=_blank>See the USA in Your Chevrolet) should know that the full lyrics for the Chevy jingle are:

"See the USA in your Chevrolet / America is asking you to call / Drive your Chevrolet through the USA / America's the greatest land of all / On a highway, or a road, along the levy / Performance is sweeter, nothing can beat her / Life is completer in a Chevy / So make a date today to see the USA / And see it in your Chevrolet"

And he can hear Ms. Shore sing it here.

--Colin Fraizer


Aloha! Thank you for David Skinner's article Hopeless in Hawaii about Republican gubernatorial candidate Linda Lingle's close resemblance the liberal Democrat candidate Mazie Hirono.

Both candidates strongly favor preserving and expanding Hawaii's plethora of racial entitlement programs for "Native Hawaiians." Both favor giving hundreds of millions of dollars, and huge tracts of land, to the racially exclusionary department of our state government called the Office of Hawaiian Affairs. Both strongly favor the Native Hawaiian Recognition bill and have pledged to lobby zealously for it in Washington.

This bill seeks federal recognition for a phony Indian tribe that has never existed. Its sole purpose is to protect over 160 racial entitlement programs against court challenges that point out that these entitlements are illegal under the 14th Amendment's equal protection clause. If the Native Hawaiian Recognition bill is enacted, it will set a precedent for balkanization throughout America, as racial minorities try to get the right to establish governments having the same powers as states. On a scale from 1 to 10, affirmative action programs are 2, racial entitlement programs 5, reparations for slavery or for the overthrow of the Hawaiian monarchy are 7, and political recognition of a race-based sovereign entity is a 10.

Skinner got it right when he said "While a Hirono defeat would be worth savoring, a Lingle victory wouldn't exactly be cause for celebration." Hawaii desperately needs Senators and Representatives from other states to rescue us from our own political leaders, no matter who wins.

--Kenneth R. Conklin


Reading Jonathan V. Last's Damn Dirty Democrats, it strikes me that a new term is waiting to be born, "Williams Arena Democrats." These folks could care less about the traditional Democratic agenda (even if they believe it is the essence of Rawlsian justice), and are motivated by a hatred of their opponents. It was this public display of hatred that the rest of America reacted so strongly against, and that made the event a failure both as a memorial (Paul who?) and as a political rally.

--John Povejsil


Some more winners and losers for Fred Barnes (Winners! (And Losers!)--2002 Edition):

Winner: The voters of New England, except Maine. In the liberal bastion of the northeast, all states except Maine now have Republican Governors. Even the Socialist Republic of Vermont.

Winner: Georgia. It's about time the state had representation that reflected the present political climate down there.