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11:00 PM, Nov 24, 2002
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If only the studio execs behind the Bond franchise would attempt to make a spy movie. The recent films have attracted some of Hollywood's best technicians and some of Britain's best character actors--Sean Bean, Robert Carlyle, Robbie Coltrane, John Cleese, Judi Dench--and even non-Brits like Michelle Yeoh and Sophie Marceau. Given the Bond franchise's ability to attract some of the world's most talented moviemakers, and the fact that any given Bond film will make obscene amounts of money irrespective of its quality, a little courage is all that's needed to turn James Bond into a real spy.

--Scott Rogers


I've thought about the issue of election spoilers a lot. And yes it burns both ways to the Republicans Rachel DiCarlo mentions, and obviously to Democrats.

Maybe we need a run-off system. In the first election, you can vote for who you really want. It might even propel Libertarians, Greens, and other third party candidates to 2nd place finishes, and into the run-off. Then in the run-off election, you simply vote for the one that you dislike the least.

Of course this approach might help Republicans, who would probably do better in run-offs than most Democratic candidates. This happened with the late Georgia senator Paul Coverdell. He won his seat in the early 90s in a run-off when he failed to get 50 percent in the general election. We'll see if this pattern hold up in Louisiana on Dec 7.

--S. Epstein


Stephen F. Hayes need only look to the CFL for terrific championship games in real weather Weather or Not: The Super Bowl, Outside, in the Cold). Our annual Grey Cup is almost always a thriller, despite the cold. Sad to say, but the same can hardly be said for the Super Bowl.

By the way, the NFL would also benefit from our huge field, unlimited motion in the backfield, 12 men a side, and no wussy fair catches. I don't think you are ready for three downs, though.

-James McBean