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J. Bottum has fun with Spencer Warren and our friends at the Claremont Institute.

11:00 PM, Jan 20, 2003 • By J. BOTTUM
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Of course--doing a little serious philosophy here for a moment--that's possible only in a universe possessing the unity of truth, beauty, and goodness: a world in which beauty is illuminated by rationality, rationality by morality, and morality by beauty. And that--adding a little natural theology--can take place only in a universe that manifests the fact that it is created. The exoteric purpose of those reviews--finishing with a little Straussianism--is to pick out from amidst the dreck of contemporary culture a few elements that entertain and instruct. But the esoteric meaning, ah, Mr. Warren: the esoteric meaning is God.

Vic Matus's great love for "The Terminator" or Jonathan Last's for Lord of the Rings isn't the first place I'd personally go looking for the Divine. But then neither is Spencer Warren's "Gigi."

J. Bottum is Books & Arts editor of The Weekly Standard.