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Moby, stadium-seat theaters, "The People's University of Michigan," and more.

11:00 PM, Jan 26, 2003
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The Justice Department once again shows its stupidity. A disability means just that--you can not do everything that a "normal" person can do.

I do not have 20-20 vision and was unable to be a Naval officer and fly F-14's. Can I sue?

--Dan Kislus


Beth Henary's writing about the MLK legacy was the real key to her article The Garment Shredders.

It's really a shame that the agenda on most campuses seems to be making a veritable milkshake of MLK tie-ins. Not only shredding the garment, but lowering the waist line, offsetting the shape, blurring the colors and rendering the object unwearable. The lunacy that passes for campus "discourse" grows more childish and petulant with each passing semester. As a former assistant professor, who spent time performing the thankless task of also serving as a Black Student Union faculty mentor--I've witnessed the subset of ideas and energy grow increasingly inert, and bereft of--oh, let's just say--basic intelligent thought.

--Alonzo LaMont


Bumper sticker wanted "Question Diversity". Will gladly affix to the rear bumper of my car and visit the People's University of Michigan.

--Gerald Arcuri


I go to between 30 and 40 movies per year, at AMC's Baywalk 20 complex in St. Petersburg, Florida. I chose to sit in the "prime" wheelchair row, which has a few seats among the open space, because of the great view and the extra legroom (I'm 6'4"). This case (and the ADA) is another prime example of government run amuck.

--Peter Ford


Talk about sensationalizing an issue at the University of Michigan. Since when was the supreme court even hearing a case that has any bearing whatever on Brown v. Board? Propaganda is easily believed when you shout it from the podium at a major university. I really want to hear how the ACT and SAT are racist lies.

Quick question, should I be awarded an inordinate amount of admissions points if I were to apply to say, Grambling. Diversity in education is important right? I am certain that there are not many white male evangelical conservatives on the campus there.

--Jason Hamby