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Stardumb: Chris Martin of Coldplay

A Grammy special, Cusack revisited, MTV goes anti-war, and the Boss.

11:00 PM, Feb 25, 2003 • By DAVID SKINNER
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Oh, and another thing: Stardummy Bruce Springsteen (I know, I know--it hurts me, too) recently told Entertainment Weekly that, "You try not to be cynical, but without the distraction of Iraq, [people would notice] that the economy is doing poorly, and the old-fashioned Republican tax cuts for the folks that are doin' well will seriously curtail services for people who are struggling out there."

I can't keep up.

David Skinner is an associate managing editor at The Weekly Standard.

Correction Appended, 2/27/03: The article originally called Coldplay's new album "A Cold Rush of Blood to the Head." And the lyric quoted in the Grader's Comment is actually from the song "A Rush of Blood to the Head," not "Politik."