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The Neo-hawks' Secret Shame

Many of the liberal converts to the war agree with the president--they just can't bring themselves to admit that he's right.

11:00 PM, Feb 27, 2003 • By LEE BOCKHORN
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Perhaps a bit of churlishness from these neo-hawks liberals is to be expected. When people find themselves agreeing with those they otherwise detest, especially in politics, it's natural for them to lash out--if only to reassure themselves that, however much they agree with hawkish conservatives on Iraq, they're still not one of those people.

Nevertheless, it would be refreshing if the neo-hawks could drop what Keller acknowledges is the frequently "equivocal and patronizing" tone of their support for the president's efforts to liberate Iraq. I don't wish to be an ingrate in times like these, when what matters is not so much who saw the truth first, but rather that people see it, period. Better late than never, and all that. So, to our neo-hawk liberal friends: Welcome to the club; we're happy to have you along. But remember that the objects of your scorn--even that notoriously "flighty thinker," George W. Bush--were right about Iraq months or even years before you saw the light. So please, check your smugness and condescension at the door.

Lee Bockhorn is associate editor at The Weekly Standard.