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The Certainty Crisis

From the March 7, 2003 London Times: George W. Bush's waffle-free directness alarms the fashionably doubtful commentariat.

11:00 PM, Mar 9, 2003 • By DAVID BROOKS
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But those who actually have to lead and protect, and actually have to build one step on another, have to bring some questions to a close. Bush gave Saddam time to disarm. Saddam did not. Hence, the issue of whether to disarm him forcibly is settled. The French and the Germans and the domestic critics may keep debating, which is their luxury, but the people who actually make the decisions have moved on to more practical concerns.

Bush has decided that Saddam is a menace to the world. All of the difficulties that now arise--a negative vote in Turkey, for example--complicate the issue of how to achieve the goal. They do not change the goal. You can call that dangerous certainty. Those of us who agree that Saddam is a menace may choose to call Bush resolute, which is a much finer word.

David Brooks is a senior editor at The Weekly Standard.