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The case for civilian control over the military and the need for reform in the intelligence community.

6:15 PM, Apr 10, 2003 • By TOD LINDBERG
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"Every one of their [Saddam's special guards'] homes--and they are scattered throughout Baghdad--is stacked with ammunitions and supplies."

--"Scott Ritter, the former Marine and United Nations weapons inspector, who has warned for months that the American 'shock and awe' strategy would not work."

"This is tragic. American lives are being lost."

--"one senior planner"

"They all said, 'We can do it with airpower.' They believed their own propaganda."

--"[t]he former intelligence official"

"McNamara-like intimidation by intervention of a small cell"

--"[t]he high-ranking former general" on Rumsfeld's interventions in Joint Chiefs war-planning

"They've [the Joint Chiefs have] abrogated their responsibility."

--"[t]he former high-ranking general"

"Everybody wants to fight. The whole nation of Iraq is fighting to defend Iraq. Not Saddam. They've been given the high sign, and we are courting disaster. If we take fifty or sixty casualties a day and they die by the thousands, they're still winning. It's a jihad, and it's a good thing to die. This is no longer a secular war."

--"Robert Baer, a former C.I.A. Middle East operative"

"The Syrians are coordinating with the Turks to screw us in the north--to cause us problems. Syria and the Iranians agreed that they could not let an American occupation of Iraq stand."

--"[a] former U.S. intelligence officer"

Tod Lindberg is a fellow at the Hoover Institution and a contributing editor to The Weekly Standard.