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A Clubhouse Divided

A Boston Herald sportswriter takes after a Red Sox reliever for being prowar.

8:20 AM, Apr 30, 2003 • By CHRISTOPHER CALDWELL
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All wordsmiths who hang around with jocks must have a bit of nagging discomfort: Here I am with my college degree and my shelf full of books, they must think, and I get looked down on and treated as a wannabe by a bunch of lunks who can't spell their names. If that really bothers you--and the venom in his prose indicates that it really bothers Bryant--then maybe you should sue your college guidance counselor for malpractice. But on top of that, Bryant is carrying a second burden. He has an idea that sportswriters have a particularly urgent sort of social responsibility. One can admire Bryant's versatility and insist that, in this, he is wrong. Social responsibility is for the "A" section, which is perhaps where Bryant belongs. If he were to return to a kind of journalism where he could address the big social and political questions more directly, it might be good for him. It would certainly be good for sportswriting.

Christopher Caldwell is a senior editor at The Weekly Standard.