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Bad Times at the Other Times

The spotlight is on the New York Times today, but things aren't going so well at the Los Angeles Times, either.

12:00 AM, May 16, 2003 • By HUGH HEWITT
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These conditions led the paper to miss the Orange County bankruptcy in the mid-'90s, to miss the power crisis and its crazy "solution," and to overreport GOP gubernatorial candidate Bill Simon's weaknesses while discounting the failings of Democratic Governor Gray Davis and his wholly fabricated budget during last fall's campaign. Now the Golden State is mired in a fiscal crisis of epic proportions, and not one Los Angeles Times reporter saw it coming. Why? They chose not to look, and the editors did not demand they do so.

Hugh Hewitt is the host of The Hugh Hewitt Show, a nationally syndicated radio talkshow, and a contributing writer to The Daily Standard. His new book, In, But Not Of, has just been published by Thomas Nelson.

Correction appended 5/16/03: The article originally stated that there are nine Nimitz-class carriers and three others in the U.S. fleet. There are eight Nimitz-class carriers and four others.