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The Dems' Silver Bullet Blues

Democratic strategists are casting about for a way to beat George W. Bush in 2004. Who knows what cure-all they'll come up with next.

9:00 AM, May 16, 2003 • By LEE BOCKHORN
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But the biggest problem facing Democratic hopefuls from what Sen. Bob Graham likes to call "the electable wing of the Democratic party"--candidates who might be inclined to heed the more sensible aspects of Klein's blueprint--is that most Democratic primary voters and activists read stuff like Meyerson and Greider's articles and actually believe it. To these people, George W. Bush really is the font of all evil in American life, and American imperialism really is the greatest threat to world peace.

Whichever Democratic candidate wins their stamp of approval must then turn to voters in the 2004 general election and tell them this: In the midst of World War IV--a struggle that President Bush and his team are doing a remarkable job of winning, steadily deposing nasty dictators and capturing high-level al Qaeda operatives with admirable success--"You should make a change."

That candidate is going to need more political ammunition than "wind power" and "digital interstate highways."

Lee Bockhorn is associate editor at The Weekly Standard.