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$87 Billion Well Spent

From the October 6, 2003 issue: Some stipulations to the president's foreign aid request for Iraq.

Oct 6, 2003, Vol. 9, No. 04 • By WILLIAM KRISTOL
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Even allowing for a maximum degree of tendentiousness in the Times's account, this is pretty unsettling. So little does the secretary of state share his president's view of things, it seems, that Powell cannot bring himself to reiterate either the Middle East-specific strategic case--or the broader U.S. political-and-moral-leadership case--for deposing Saddam Hussein. Small wonder the administration is having problems.

Well, George W. Bush's foreign policy has always been his own, not his cabinet's. Now he needs to summon the gumption and skill to bring that policy through a particularly crucial rough patch. We're with him. It would be nice if conservatives outside government, and subordinates throughout the executive branch, and Republicans serving in Congress were doing a little more to help.

--William Kristol