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Rush Limbaugh, partial-birth abortion, and more.

12:00 AM, Oct 14, 2003
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Perhaps the example of this administration's hubris should be the other comments Gillespie made to the New York Times. (Ed Walsh, "Hubris" in '04) He also was quoted as saying, "They're all Howard Dean now. They have adopted harsh, bitter, personal attacks as their approach. They are a party of protest and pessimism and offer no positive agenda of their own." Yet, more important examples can be found in President's Bush refusal to comment on the Democratic candidates. Some may say he is too busy attending to the "war on terrorism," while others may say it follows his pattern of failing to acknowledge most factions that question his policies. Again, it is a point of view, as are the comments of this article.

We currently have a president who doesn't read the news because he assumes he will be informed of all that is important by his advisors. Maybe Walsh is correct in that the proper word isn't "hubris." Perhaps it's "arrogance."

--Royden Mills