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Popcorn and Passion

From the March 8, 2004 issue: In which two moviegoers conduct their own interfaith dialogue.

Mar 8, 2004, Vol. 9, No. 25 • By MATT LABASH
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"We will always disagree," I say. "Agreed," he agrees. There is no enmity in this dawning. Just an understanding of sorts, to be agreeable in our disagreement, without apology that what we profess as mattering most to us, actually should. And Norm understands, I think, that despite his rejection of that which I find most sacred, I will love him anyway, or at least like him a lot since we just met, because the God I hold sacred commanded me to, and because it's easy in Norm's case, since he offered me popcorn, even though I was all set with my Bible Bar.

On the way out, I play the part of the dutiful evangelical anyway, and ask Norm if, after watching the movie, he has any desire to switch teams. He smiles, and claps me on the shoulder while handing me a card. "I think I'm sticking with the senior circuit," he says, nodding at the curtained screen, "but I have new respect for the junior circuit."

Matt Labash is senior writer at The Weekly Standard.