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11:00 PM, Mar 9, 2004
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However, as I recall our Constitution, any qualified person is permitted to stand for election to the office of the presidency. Has something changed here? Or is the media so infiltrated with Democratic party operatives and strategists that it feels qualified to criticize anyone who avails him/herself of that privilege?

Political parties have had a vastly negative impact on our republic--just as many of the Founding Fathers expected.

--Manuel O'Kelly


Is it the media's responsibility to do a hatchet job on John Kerry? (Fred Barnes, What Goes Up . . .) Please go back four short years and recall the free ride Bush received from the press. The National Guard story was barely mentioned. Bush's horrendous business career received little coverage. This election will be a referendum on Bush's presidency. The president and his surrogates may pound away at Kerry, but in doing so, he may expose himself as someone who can't or won't defend his record and only hopes to win by attacking. The voters will ultimately decide if they want four more years of Bush or a fresh approach. My sense is that Bush fatigue is setting in and will only grow.

--Barry Geisler


Dick Cheney's Gridiron Remarks once again show the clear difference between Republicans and Democrats--and for that matter liberals and conservatives: Republicans and their conservative brethren have a sense of humor. One can only imagine Senator Hillary Clinton sitting stony-faced with clenched jaw listening to a fantastic joke her people never had the vision or sense of humor to write.

--M. Parker


Granted, I am a 75-year-old workaholic cardiac anesthesiologist. Homework makes more common sense that all of the educational psychology studies done on a Federal Grant. Unfortunately common sense comes from being burned by experience and educational psychology comes from researchers earning a living by writing grants and papers.

Part of learning is developing the habits that permit one to learn. Prior to that one needs to learn the communication methods and skills necessary to participate in the learning encounter. An important factor in imprinting knowledge and skills is to have repetitive experiences in varying environments that expose the learner to the substance to be learned.

--Delfin Beltran


Another way for Hugh Hewitt to view Madeleine Albright is to say, WOW, I can't believe someone who said something as nutty as this was ever Secretary of State.

Boy, we really dodged a bullet there.

--Frank Mauran