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Hoya Liberation Day

For Georgetown basketball fans, a new era has dawned as coach Craig Esherick's tenure comes to a merciful end.

11:20 AM, Mar 18, 2004 • By VICTORINO MATUS
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On his radio show the day after the firing, Thompson said he learned of the firing when assistant coach and former Hoya and NBA star Jaren Jackson called him saying, "Craig Esherick has been relieved of his coaching duties." Thompson went on to describe Esherick as "extremely talented" and "a damn good man." But he considered both the coach and the president to be "two men in difficult positions." He admitted that Esherick's job "is predicated on wins and losses" and went on to say, "I know it wasn't easy following me."

And who will follow Esherick? Rumors abound, from Duke assistant coach Johnny Dawkins to Patrick Ewing to John Thompson III. And somewhere in between are nightmare scenarios including Mike Jarvis and Ronny Thompson. But for the time being, victory can be savored. DeGioia has now stated, "We are deeply committed to the future success of men's basketball as measured by maintaining national competitiveness with the leading programs in the Big East and the country," thus dispelling conspiracies about joining the MEAC or Patriot League.

Thompson said, "Things don't always work out the way we want it to." But for all the Hoya fans dreaming of a return to the Big Dance, sometimes they do.

Victorino Matus is an assistant managing editor at The Weekly Standard.