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Here Comes Trouble

Howard Dean and Michael Moore join forces for an unforgettable afternoon of Bush-bashing and intra-party scheming. Forget Bush--can John Kerry survive these guys?

2:15 AM, Jul 28, 2004 • By JONATHAN V. LAST
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Surely they must realize that Moore has sold about as many books as Ann Coulter. Surely they must realize that The Film--which is an unheard of success as a documentary--has only sold in the neighborhood 14 million tickets, a great many of which were no doubt to repeat customers. After all, it's one thing for the kids at "Take Back America" to think that Moore's conspiracy theories are a cultural given because everyone they know has seen The Film. But shouldn't the last two Democratic presidents know better?

Like Dean, Michael Moore is a bubble, waiting to burst.

Jonathan V. Last is online editor of The Weekly Standard.