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Watching the Media Watchdogs

The liberal media-criticism establishment ignores the CBS News story--while the Washington Post delivers the coup de grace.

11:22 AM, Sep 14, 2004 • By JONATHAN V. LAST
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(7) And then take down last night's new CBS expert, Bill Glennon: "But Glennon said he is not a document expert, could not vouch for the memos' authenticity and only examined them online because CBS did not give him copies when asked to visit the network's offices."

(This is the same Bill Glennon, as Little Green Footballs points out, whom Time magazine described yesterday as a former typewriter repairman.

But what's really funny, as Tim Blair points out, is that Glennon first entered the fray as a commenter on the far-left Daily Kos website! So, after sneering at bloggers non-stop for four days, CBS was finally reduced to tracking down a former typewriter repairman who posted a comment on Kos--and putting him forward as their chief defender.)

(8) Finally, they get bonus points for quoting Joseph M. Newcomer, of fame.

Yet the most damning bit might be the reaction quote Kurtz and Dobbs get from CBS spokeswoman Sandy Genelius. "In the end, the gist is that it's inconclusive," she says. "People are coming down on both sides, which is to be expected when you're dealing with copies of documents."

Old CBS default position: "The story is true. The story is true." New CBS default position: Who knows what the truth is! You can't prove anything!

Jonathan V. Last in online editor of The Weekly Standard.