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Kitty Kelley's excuse for why she doesn't have a tape of her conversation with Sharon Bush.

12:00 AM, Sep 15, 2004 • By RACHEL DICARLO
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ON PAGE 266 of her new book The Family: The Real Story of the Bush Dynasty, Kitty Kelley writes, "[The president's] sister-in-law Sharon Bush alleged that [George W. Bush] has snorted cocaine with one of his brothers at Camp David during the time their father was President of the United States. 'Not once,' she said. 'but many times.'"

The accusation is serious since the president said during his 2000 campaign that he hadn't used illegal drugs for 25 years, and had embraced a sober, religious lifestyle in 1986. His father took office in January 1989. Sharon Bush has denied ever making the claim.

On the Today Show yesterday Matt Lauer, interviewing Kelley, asked her why she didn't tape record the conversation with Sharon Bush. Kelley replied that tape recorders don't work well in restaurants--there's too much noise. "It's a restaurant. I mean, it's really har--have you ever done that?" A video of the interview is available here.

Recalling the meeting in her author's note on page xxv Kelley writes, "[Sharon Bush and I] agreed to meet on April 1, 2003, at a quiet restaurant. When I arrived, the Chelsea Bistro on West Twenty-Third Street was empty." So, Kelley was unable to get the conversation on a tape recorder because they ate a "quiet" and "empty" restaurant where the noise was so loud that it precluded the use of one.

Rachel DiCarlo is an editorial assistant at The Weekly Standard.