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End the Genocide Now

From the September 22, 2004 Washington Post: Eventually the U.S. will act on Darfur. The question is how belatedly, and how effectively.

12:00 PM, Sep 23, 2004 • By VANCE SERCHUK and WILLIAM KRISTOL
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So, as is so often the case, the coalition of the willing that goes into Sudan is going to have to be largely organized, sustained and financed by the United States, most likely without a U.N. mandate. That intervention is going to happen, but the sooner we act, the more lives will be saved and the sooner the forces of terrorism and barbarism will be dealt a blow. And given the bipartisan support for such action, waiting until after our election is both unwise and unnecessary. Indeed, preparations for intervention would serve as a useful signal that the next president, whoever he is, will continue to promote America's role and responsibilities in the post-Cold War, post-Sept. 11 world.

William Kristol is editor of the Weekly Standard. Vance Serchuk is a research associate in defense and security policy at the American Enterprise Institute.