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Going Out for Indian

By helping India become "a major world power," the administration is showing the global seriuosness of the Bush Doctrine.

11:00 PM, Mar 30, 2005 • By THOMAS DONNELLY
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Nevertheless, "The March 25 Statement" should be thought of as a very big deal, with great credit due to Rice and probably to Robert Blackwill, former ambassador to India and the man called in by Rice to sort out U.S. Iraq policy while she was still National Security Adviser. Not only does this signal a new direction for U.S. India policy, but it's a reflection that the administration is beginning to understand the global logic of the Bush Doctrine. And it may signal that the president and his senior lieutenants are even thinking through the problem of how to assert the Bush Doctrine and deal with China.

Tom Donnelly is a resident fellow at the American Enterprise Institute and a contributing writer to The Daily Standard.