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86 Years

Now that Boston has beaten the curse, some people want the Red Sox and Yankees to be good sports. Nuts to that.

11:00 PM, Mar 31, 2005 • By DEAN BARNETT
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Because Red Sox Nation has suffered for the better part of a century, this seems to be an unlikely time for us to seek an armistice. If Vecsey so desperately craves a formal ceremony involving the team's principals, I would suggest a re-enactment of the famous moment last July when Varitek stuck his catcher's mitt into Yankee star Alex Rodriguez's yapping mouth, and in so doing did more than any other individual to alter the two teams' destinies. That wonderful moment has been justly immortalized on the cover of Stephen King's and Stewart O'Nan's diary of the Red Sox' 2004 season, Faithful.

Of course it's unlikely that the Yankees would agree to such a ceremony. So I'll make a counter-offer: After the Yankees have gone 86 years without a title, then I will whole-heartedly endorse a group hand shake. By my math, that date should arrive in 2086.

In the meantime, play ball!

Dean Barnett writes about politics and other matters at under his on-line pseudonym James Frederick Dwight.