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The ACLU's 30 Years War

Will the Boy Scouts ever hold their Jamboree at Fort A.P. Hill again?

12:00 AM, Aug 8, 2005 • By SCOTT W. JOHNSON
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Judge Manning has dismissed certain of the ACLU claims on technical grounds, but has found that the federal statute authorizing the Defense Department to provide services and supplies in connection with Boy Scout Jamborees is unconstitutional. On June 22, Manning entered an order enjoining the Defense Department from providing aid under federal law for future Boy Scout Jamborees. Unless Judge Manning's order is reversed--a big "if" in light of the tortured condition of the Supreme Court's Establishment Clause jurisprudence--the Boy Scouts' 2005 Jamboree will be its last at Fort A.P. Hill.

In his speech at the Jamboree, President Bush warned the Scouts that in the future they would confront indifferent or cynical people who accomplish little that makes them proud. With slight modification, this description seems to fit the forces of the ACLU with which the Scouts have now been contending for more than a generation. These forces have accomplished much, and although they should be ashamed, they are undoubtedly proud.

Scott Johnson is a contributing writer to THE DAILY STANDARD and a contributor to the blog Power Line.