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Earthquake Diplomacy

In the Himalayas, there is an unprecedented chance for peace.

11:00 PM, Nov 29, 2005 • By MANSOOR IJAZ
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The suffering and magnitude of devastation in Kashmir and northern Pakistan is beyond human comprehension. Entire mountains sheered off and buried villages below them. Roads are blocked with boulders the size of houses. And yet, the Kashmiri people walk with purpose on what is left of their streets, busily trying to rebuild their lives, bowed but not broken, humbled but strong of spirit and mind.

The West has a moral imperative to help these people to help themselves with dignity and respect. And the pragmatic reality is that if we don't, we are fostering the resurgence of militant Islam's frontline forces in a region that could become the next breeding ground for terrorism's global aspirations.

Mansoor Ijaz jointly authored the blueprint for a cease-fire of hostilities in Kashmir in 2000. He recently returned from touring earthquake-stricken areas of northern Pakistan and Kashmir.