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Bedford Falls or Pottersville?

What kind of a country you think you live in can affect your eagerness to defend it.

11:00 PM, Jan 8, 2006 • By PAUL MIRENGOFF
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The other imperative for this crowd--also more urgent than the war on terror--is to move the country away from the brink of evil to higher moral ground. This means enacting the left-liberal agenda--government guaranteed healthcare for all, higher taxes on the rich, gay marriage, and so forth. But to advance down that road, Republicans must be vanquished. For some liberals, E.J. Dionne notwithstanding, it follows that they must do nearly anything to bring the Republicans and their president down, and that accomplishing this constitutes a higher priority than combating terrorism.

Many modern liberals seem unable to say what kind of country they live in. Most of the time, they speak as if they inhabit Frank Capra's Bedford Falls--a dull, nosy, and somewhat puritanical, but basically decent place where George Bailey and the forces of good fight to a stalemate with Mr. Potter and the forces of evil.

Deep down, though, they fear they live in Pottersville, minus the fun. The defense of Bedford Falls, for all of its flaws, would be a top priority; the primacy of defending Pottersville is less apparent.

Paul Mirengoff is a contributing writer to The Daily Standard and a contributor to the blog Power Line.