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Robert Roy Thomas's "Significant Others" comes to DVD.

11:00 PM, Feb 16, 2006 • By DAVID SKINNER
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Significant Others enjoyed significant buzz when it debuted. Even the New Yorker deemed it worthy of coverage, calling it a smart and a more interesting alternative to other marriage-themed shows. Only Slate complained about its seeming heartlessness. Indeed one thing too often missing from the show is the lopsided attempts one finds in marriages to make peace, to salvage, and how even these efforts can become fodder for dispute. A terrific example, however, comes in the sixth episode when businessman James (played ruthlessly by Brian Palermo) repeatedly calls his wife Chelsea (the seductive Andrea Savage) from a business trip in New York--a trip he'd wanted Chelsea to come along for--begging her forgiveness for the terrible things he said before he left. Meanwhile Chelsea refuses to answer the phone, preferring that her husband stew in his own misery.

David Skinner is an assistant managing editor at The Weekly Standard and a contributor to the blog Galley Slaves.