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Shooting Down the Ace

The University of Washington's student senate takes a stand against honoring one of the schools most distinguished alums.

10:28 PM, Feb 28, 2006 • By JAMES THAYER
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But the UW student body president Lee Dunbar blamed the critics of the student senate. "I think a lot of it was seized on by a political opportunity to blow things out of context," he said, according to an article by Christine Frey in the Seattle Post-Intelligencer. Some students have fallen back on the comments-taken-out-of-context defense, according to the P.I. Hard to do, given that minutes were taken of the meeting and are readily available on the internet.

The University of Washington student senate may now consider a memorial not just to Boyington, but to all four UW Medal of Honor winners.

Pappy Boyington would've laughed at Student Senator Ashley Miller's "rich white man" crack. A beer salesman is hardly rich, and Boyington had money problems most of his life. As for being white: he was part Sioux. But he was fully a man. At least she got that right.

James Thayer is a frequent contributor to THE DAILY STANDARD. His twelfth novel, The Gold Swan, has been published by Simon & Schuster.